unt Clara is hiding out at Samantha and Darrin's from Hedley Partridge, her best beau from her younger days. Realizing that her witchcraft isn't what it used to be, Aunt Clara doesn't want to face Hedley fearing she'll come across as being old. She would rather he remember her as the adept witch she once was. But Endora decides to play matchmaker by inviting Hedley over for dinner. Upon his arrival, Hedley seems as virile and adept in his powers as he was when he was younger. To help Aunt Clara out, Samantha decides the only way Aunt Clara can come across as Hedley remembered her is to perform whatever witchcraft Hedley asks of Aunt Clara for her. But if Samantha is able to provide a façade for Aunt Clara, perhaps two are playing at the same game.

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