amantha finds a horse in her back yard. Wanting to find from where the horse came, Samantha turns the horse into a human. In her human form, the horse tells Samantha that her name is Dally Ran, is a race horse, but ran away when the opportunity arose as she feels she is the neglected horse among her trainer Jack Spindler's stable. Dally Ran's purpose in races is to set a blistering pace for all the other horses to follow. As all the horses fade in the stretch including Dally Ran, Dally Ran's sister, Adorable Diane, comes from behind to win and gain all the glory. Dally Ran is certain she could win if just given the chance. Later that evening, Darrin brings home his old friend Gus Walters for dinner. From out of town, Gus is having trouble trying to raise money for his new business venture. As she likes the Stephens and Gus, Dally Ran, or Dolly Rand as she is now being called, suggests Gus raise the money through betting on the horses, about which she obviously knows. Gus reluctantly agrees. Darrin also agrees when he finds out who Dolly really is. At race time when Samantha and Dolly see that Jack has not scratched her name from her race, Dolly asks Samantha to turn her back into a horse so that she can race in what she sees as her final shot at winning glory. Will Gus bet on a 99-to-1 long shot, and can Dally Ran do what Dolly says she can do?

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