arrin gets free tickets for Samantha and Tabatha to a live taping of "Hoho the Clown", Tabatha's favorite television show, as Solow Toys, the show's sponsor, is a client of Darrin's. Despite abhorring such spectacles, Endora, magically producing her own free ticket, accompanies her daughter and granddaughter if only to spend time with them. Endora is appalled that Hoho pays no special attention to Tabatha compared to the other children in the audience. She is even more appalled that because of Tabatha's special position, she is not eligible for all the prizes and giveaways on the show. Through witchcraft, Endora arranges for Tabatha to win the prizes. Knowing how Tabatha won and knowing that she isn't eligible, Samantha tells the producers to give the prizes to charity, and hopes that will be the end of that. However, what Samantha and Darrin, who saw the show live on television as well, are unaware of is that Endora also put a spell on Hoho to make Tabatha the one and only person for who he will do the show and direct his attention. So when Hoho pays all his attention to Tabatha at the next show, Samantha and Darrin have to get Endora both to remove the spell, and somehow overcome the inevitable problem of implied fraud when Solow finds out that Tabatha is Darrin's daughter.

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