amantha encourages Endora to bury the hatchet with Darrin. As such, she, who notices him admiring the cover photo in a car magazine, zaps him up that car as a gift. It is the Reactor Mach II, a $150,000 car nearing the end of its five year development stage, and which is still not on the market. As a gesture of good faith, Darrin agrees to keep the car, despite he on principle never accepting anything that was produced by witchcraft. However, what Darrin is initially unaware of is that Endora didn't zap the car up for him - she zapped the one and only existing real car from the testing facility. When Darin finds out, he has to make Endora zap the car back before he's charged with theft, which may be difficult as Endora is now angry at Darrin's ingratitude, and as one of McMann and Tate's clients, Mr. Sheldrake, wants to use the car in an advertising campaign. Meanwhile, Joe and Charlie, the car's two confused designers, try to figure out what happened to the car, and what they will tell the car manufacturer about the car's whereabouts.

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