hile Mike is in custody, Jimmy manages to make it across the border back into Canada undetected. He temporarily holes up in his summer house, where Raoul has brought his niece, Lorna, as an assistant, much to Bob and Jimmy's chagrin. Ronnie puts pressure on Hogarty, who Ronnie suspects was planning to run off with the money. Although Hogarty swears that he will clean up his act, problems arise when he is suspended from work which means that he no longer has access to the money. Ronnie also has problems with Francine, who accuses him of trying to place a wedge between her and Jimmy. She and Stella also face issues of reporter and FBI harassment. Boudreau temporarily posts Mary to the head of the CSIS Asia-Pacific Region, which does not sit well with Mallaby. The working relationship between Mary and Boudreau goes smoothly, but she manages to keep his romantic advances at bay by bringing up the fact that he's married. With the FBI investigation, Weathers has only circumstantial evidence to implicate Jimmy in the Seattle shootings but has no reason to doubt the testimony of the DEA. However Mary and Ted imply that without a gun as evidence, the FBI cannot be sure that the bullets came from Jimmy's gun. Weathers, Mary and Ted decide that they should raid the Chick-a-dee partly as a front to be able to plant bugs in the club. But Mary also tries to get a hold of Jimmy regarding the gun and the ballistic evidence it could provide to clear his name. Before Jimmy leaves the summer house to a more permanent hiding place, Ronnie and he meet to discuss money issues, problems which are mounting with the ATMs, and Jimmy gives the gun to Ronnie to give to Mary. But before Jimmy can take off, he, at the last minute, decides he needs to go back to Vancouver to deal with some tense issues surrounding Dante and Mike. With the gun imminently in her hands, Mary has it out with Weathers regarding his investigation and about his dealings in Canada.

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