he LAPD have a major problem on their hands when Lisa Barnes is found dead. Billy Croelick was convicted of killing her some years before and is on death row awaiting execution. He was also found not guilty of another murder and it seems the police misidentified the bodies. With Croelick's likely release in the next 48 hours, Pope asks Brenda and her team to see what they can find - anything that will keep him in jail as there is little doubt he is a vicious and sadistic serial killer. Several people had their hands in the case and are afraid of what the new investigation may turn up, including Captain Taylor, Lt. Flynn and LA's only forensic dentist, Dr. Easton. Brenda is also taking something of a risk since she's just the type of woman that appeals to Croelick. As she goes through the evidence however she begins to think that something is amiss.

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