oey is afraid that Janine makes their place too girlie with all her stuff. Phoebe makes out with Ralph Lauren and it's Rachel's chance to be liked by her boss Kim by gossiping about it. But it turns out that it wasn't Ralph Lauren Phoebe made out with and Rachel will get in trouble if her boss finds out. Monica fixes Ross up with Hillary from work and Ross whitens his teeth for the date until they are shiny bright. They have to find a way to make his teeth look less bright so he puts on make-up. Kim thinks Rachel made out with Ralph Lauren and dislikes her even more. Ross doesn't say a word on his date in order not to show his teeth. But when Hillary finally sees Ross' teeth she freaks out. Joey becomes very girlie when Janine shows him how to knit and arrange flowers. Rachel makes up a story about her and Ralph Lauren and Kim forgives her.

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