n the present, Marjorino is happy because he found someone important in his case and will get a statement. In 1990, Jenna is filming a movie in New York City, but has to come back home when she learns her mother is in the hospital... dying from AIDS brought on my her promiscuous lifestyle. Meanwhile, Craig has a meeting with his father's accountant about the company which is in bankruptcy due to the FBI investigation to his father's unethical business means. Craig wants to keep his father's company afloat, but things are not going to be easy. Carla is afraid that the secret of her becoming Amy's nanny so Samantha (now married to Craig) could see her will soon be discovered. Carla, with Samantha's help, plots to get Meghan and Amy away from the abusive Paul, but soon begins to fall for the misogynist businessman and she ends up seducing him. Elsewhere in Europe, Aaron meets a beautiful French woman, named Pascale, while on a Prague train heading for Brussels and he has a one-night stand with her. Also, Will enlists in the U.S. Army and after training in boot camp, receives orders to go to Kuwait for Operation Desert Storm.

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