dvice is running rampant in Mercy. Amaar feels he's getting too much advice from Reverend Magee and wants to break off his dependency. Many in town, including Sarah, Yasir and Fatima, start getting Muslim approved financial advice from economist Baber. It's not so much the advice to which they're looking to Baber for but solely for Baber to put together an investment portfolio that is making money without all the financial "gobbledy-gook" as Sarah calls it. And Rayyan, J.J. and Amaar are looking for advice on what to do with a certain gift. From J.J.'s cousin, it was a wedding gift to Rayyan and J.J., who inadvertently gave it to Amaar. All three want it but none of the three can figure out what it is even after opening the gift. Their solution?: whoever can figure out what the contraption is used for gets to keep the gift.

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