ave moves into the house,to the annoyance of everybody - until he proves himself useful by mending the broken dish-washer. However Brian lets it slip that Josie slept with Kingsley,who in turn reveals her indiscretion with J.P. so that Dave soon moves out,declaring the engagement over. Oregon once again tries to end it with Shale - whose wife realises he is having an affair,but assumes it is with Vod,whose mark Oregon has persuaded Shale to upgrade,a fact which Vod does not appreciate. J.P. is seeing Nadine, a therapist,following his father's demise and hopes the death will excuse him from taking his exam. However when Dan gives him the answers he does sit it,only to find that Dan has tricked him for insulting him. Brian's increasingly desperate efforts to get back in Howard's good books take a bizarre turn when he sends Howard a message in the middle of his exam to say - wrongly - that Howard's mother has been arrested.

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