aul Davis dies from extensive wounds, stumbling into the precinct, before he can elaborate why Cath has 'little time left'. ADA Gabe Lowen realizes that 'missing' Evan must have confessed to clear Cath and confide in her that he was abused a child guinea-pig by Muirfuild, yet that doesn't quite win her trust yet. Vince, who found a swell new hiding home, traces Davis' blood to where he was fatally wounded, finds his broken phone, then works out with JT and Cath, who remembers the firm name Orchard from Gabe's notes, that he was about to expose Muirfield's new HQ. Going there with Gabe's blessing, Cath starts copying data from an immense servers park, but realizes that includes a Keller file and decides to sabotage it to prevent Vince being exposed, which only works after he joins her in forceful monster shape.

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