n 1944 teen-aged evacuee Eve befriends Lucy Felwood,who lives at Lightfields farm in Suffolk with her parents Martha and Albert and nine-year old brother Pip. At a dance Eve meets American airman Dwight Lawson,but declines to go home with him. Later he meets Lucy and arranges a date whilst Eve's younger sister Vivien plays with Pip. When young farmhand Harry reveals that he saw Lucy with Dwight Eve becomes jealous. Shortly afterwards Lucy and Dwight go into a barn for sex and the distraught family rushes out to see the barn on fire. Thirty-one years later Vivien and her daughter Clare come to stay at the farm for the summer. Clare is unsettled by a particular bedroom and,one night,despite a power cut,Vivien sees lights and hears voices from the room,though it proves to be empty. In 2012 the elderly Pip visits his son Barry and Barry's wife Lorna,who are running Lightfields as a guest house and caring for their grandson Luke. After a visit from Luke's hopeless father Paul the boy goes to bed expecting a visit from the tooth fairy but wakes in the night to see something entirely different,an apparent ghost.

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