irate captain Takehaya must restrain lieutenant Toshiro's sadistic but 'blood-wasteful' pleasure in punishing the escapee duo by bare-back suspended caning and more for 'back-talker' Miller. Chandler's blackmail at Ping's HQ procured them access to fuel and Slattery cleverly smuggled approximate coordinates into the pirates' broadcast, pointing to the Chinese-claimed Paracel Islands, but it's a vast area and the piratical ultimatum may run out. They find themselves surrounded by a novel type of minefield, consisting chained trios of different mine types, including a home made one with a motor and sensors, which closes in on the James. Wolf and Greene devise a complex decoy sweep plan, but the pirates also prepared a single torpedo to launch at the ship. Meanwhile the press leaks enough to arouse the regional leaders' mistrust against president Michener, demanding domestic concessions.

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