Les meilleurs épisodes de la série The Unit

Liste des 10 épisodes les mieux notés de la série The Unit parmis les 68 répertoriés sur notre site, ordre basé sur la moyenne des notes IMDB et TMDB

"The Unit" Switchblade

Saison 4, Episode 11

he team takes Dr. Metz into combat to rescue an embattled president, Charles meets the woman of his dreams - and more trouble than he could dream, and Kim reaches the breaking point.

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"The Unit" Pandemonium: Part Two

Saison 3, Episode 2

ack has been abducted for more torture, and the unit reunites to rescue him and clear their names.

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"The Unit" Endgame

Saison 4, Episode 21

hile Jonas is tracking down a Russian terrorist cell, Molly is used as bait.

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"The Unit" Sacrifice

Saison 4, Episode 1

ome-bound from a five-month mission, the team is called back into action when the vice president is assassinated and the president-elect goes to ground after his motorcade is attacked. Back at home the women are abruptly uprooted when it's feared their lives are in danger as well, and the resulting chaos reveals a deep secret.

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"The Unit" Hill 60

Saison 4, Episode 16

hlorine gas is used in an attack on the town, leaving Tiffy to save herself and her students, Mack and Bob to secure the apartments and Charles stranded on the road, while Sam and Jonas desperately try to locate the source before all the oxygen is gone.

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"The Unit" In Loco Parentis

Saison 2, Episode 20

he Unit deals with a domestic school hostage situation. Tiffy's previous illicit affair begins to affect her daughter.

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"The Unit" Paradise Lost

Saison 2, Episode 23

he Team's world collapses when they return from a successful mission to discover The Unit has been shut down and all Unit members are under governmental investigation for secret misdeeds of the past. This is no security drill, no training exercise: it's the real thing, and it's a noose around the neck of every Team member. The men learn The Unit will be disbanded and the men, court-martial ed; Ryan relieved of command and retired in disgrace, and the community that Molly and the other women have worked so hard to build will be shattered and scattered to the wind.

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"The Unit" Five Brothers

Saison 3, Episode 7

hen Charles is injured while the team rescues a journalist Jonas must try to save his life and still keep the mission on track, but it may not be enough. Back at home, Tiffy is victimized by a patron of the bar.

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"The Unit" Play 16

Saison 3, Episode 8

he team deals with their loss, and Jonas vows revenge, putting the unit at risk with Washington.

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"The Unit" Into Hell: Part One

Saison 4, Episode 7

ack's justice is delayed when Jonas' daughter, Betsy, goes MIA in Iraq and Col. Ryan joins the team trying to find her.

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The Unit

Jonas Blane dirige un contingent spécial de l'armée chargé de missions ultra-secrètes et délicates. L'existence même de ces hommes d'élite est un des secrets les mieux gardés. Leurs épouses, elles aussi contraintes de vivre dans l'ombre, doivent également donner l'apparence d'une vie de famille normale et donner le change tous les jours en tremblant chaque seconde pour la sécurité de leurs maris partis risquer leur vie pour sauver celle des autres.
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