Les meilleurs épisodes de la série Hot in Cleveland

Liste des 10 épisodes les mieux notés de la série Hot in Cleveland parmis les 51 répertoriés sur notre site, ordre basé sur la moyenne des notes IMDB et TMDB

"Hot in Cleveland" Love Is Blind

Saison 3, Episode 9

lka fixes Joy up with a young blind guy but neglects to tell her he's blind. Victoria's daughter Emmy brings home her whipped fiancé.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Arch Enemies

Saison 2, Episode 18

elanie learns she has charms she wasn't aware of and tries to get comfortable with them. Victoria uses Joy to get revenge for her co-anchor's practical jokes.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Too Hot for TV

Saison 2, Episode 19

clip show featuring the cast's weirdest moments on screen and the weirder moments off.

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"Hot in Cleveland" I Love Lucci: Part One

Saison 2, Episode 5

isiting Los Angeles Susan Lucci sticks it to Victoria again. Elka's on the hunt for celebrities. Melanie tries to sell her house but can't bear to part with it. And, of course, Joy gets insulted and manipulated.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Unseparated at Birthdates

Saison 2, Episode 13

he girls find their friends dates for their fake birthday. The dates turn out to be fakes as well but maybe a trade or two and a free agent will help.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Tangled Web

Saison 3, Episode 13

fter Joy struck out at meeting the man who left her at the altar and when Victoria bails out on her ex, the girls decide to go to a cabin for a rest. Melanie invites the guy she met, Casey to join them not knowing he's the guy Joy was looking for. When he arrives Joy recognizes him and says that he now goes by his initials K.C. Melanie drags a guy in and makes him pretend he's Casey but he's more interested in Victoria. And Victoria took one of her ex's venomous spiders and it unwittingly went into her luggage and is now loose in the cabin.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Hot & Heavy

Saison 3, Episode 14

ictoria hopes to one up her co-anchor Colin with an award winning expose.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Magic Diet Candy

Saison 4, Episode 7

oy's mom meets her new family members at Wilbur's christening. To avoid friction with her mom, Joy makes her son Owen pretend to be someone else. Elka touches up a church fresco. Victoria's incessant Emmet talk annoys Melanie.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Cleveland Indians

Saison 4, Episode 20

ying to Cleveland's top pediatrician leads Joy to host a traditional Indian dinner party. When Victoria's wedding planner (Michael Urie) arrives, the stage is set for a classic farce--appropriate as Elka auditions for a play.

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"Hot in Cleveland" Elka's Wedding

Saison 2, Episode 22

he girls get totally smashed before Elka's wedding and spend the next day discovering the embarrassing things they did.

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Hot in Cleveland

Trois amies d'une quarantaine d'années - originaires de Los Angeles - se retrouvent coincées à Cleveland. Tombées sous le charme de cette ville qui les fait paraître brillantes, elles décident de s'y installer. Elles découvrent alors que la charmante maison qu'elles viennent d'acheter est déjà occupée par une vieille dame...
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