Les meilleurs épisodes de la série Boston Legal

Liste des 10 épisodes les mieux notés de la série Boston Legal parmis les 100 répertoriés sur notre site, ordre basé sur la moyenne des notes IMDB et TMDB

"Boston Legal" Schadenfreude

Saison 2, Episode 2

hile Kelly Nolan's trial continues, Sara and Garrett help Denise to settle on her divorce. Malcolm , Tara's former lover, convinces her to represent Edwin Starr's nephew , who cant sing "War" at a nightclub, because its owner says its unpatriotic.

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"Boston Legal" Death Be Not Proud

Saison 1, Episode 17

lan assist Chelina in Texas, where a former client is getting executed while he is maybe innocent. Denny and Shirley represent an old friend of theirs when she is charged with having sexual encounters for a fee. Lori files a complaint about Denny.

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"Boston Legal" It Girls and Beyond

Saison 1, Episode 13

rad is attracted his lesbian client who is sued for having a relationship with her boss merely for financial purposes.Alan second chairs,while Denny tries to prove that he is a competent attorney by defending a doctor who describe a non FDA approved drug. Meanwhile, the rest of the firm tries to deal with Alans new assistant Catherine Piper.

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"Boston Legal" Finding Nimmo

Saison 2, Episode 3

enny takes Alan fishing to Nimmo Bay to help him get over his breakup with Tara. Sara and Garrett target the lawyer of Denise's husband, a priest, to settle the divorce. Catherine Piper confesses that she murdered Bernhard.

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"Boston Legal" Deep End of the Poole

Saison 2, Episode 24

artner Edwin Poole returns to the firm after a stint in a mental institution

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"Boston Legal" 'Til We Meat Again

Saison 1, Episode 14

enny and Shirley help a man whose steakhouse is put out of business, because the public wants to ban red meat for fear of Mad Cow disease. While Denny becomes convinced he has Mad Cow disease, Alan is arrested for conspiracy to commit assault and battery. He started a bar brawl while being out with Tara.

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"Boston Legal" Hired Guns

Saison 1, Episode 10

lan helps a woman to keep her ex-husband kidnapping her children over the holidays. The situation escalates when the ex-husband comes to Crane, Poole and Schmidt to see Alan. Lori and Brad defend a woman who seems to have killed her husband and his mistress.

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"Boston Legal" Son of the Defender

Saison 3, Episode 18

enny is forced to recount a trial with his father from fifty years earlier when the victim's son--carrying a gun and wired to a bomb--returns demanding justice. Meanwhile, Alan is found in contempt of court again while defending his neighbor.

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"Boston Legal" Tortured Souls

Saison 1, Episode 15

hirley asks Alan to defend a policeman who tortured a man to retrieve information. Denny and Chelina represent a woman who is suing her former boyfriend for leaving her at the altar. Bernard is befriended by Catherine and Alan finds variance with that.

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"Boston Legal" Legal Deficits

Saison 2, Episode 10

enny and Shirley team up to defend Brad, who is on trial for his actions in trying to find a kidnapped boy. Alan helps his secretary solve her credit card woes with assistance from Jerry Espenson, an expert in financial law who exhibits odd social behavior.

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Boston Legal

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