Les meilleurs épisodes de la série Wilfred

Liste des 10 épisodes les mieux notés de la série Wilfred parmis les 49 répertoriés sur notre site, ordre basé sur la moyenne des notes IMDB et TMDB

"Wilfred" Confrontation

Saison 3, Episode 9

ilfred crashes Christmas and pits Ryan against his family.

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"Wilfred" Identity

Saison 1, Episode 13

yan ignores Wilfred's advice, creating an existential crisis for both of them.

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"Wilfred" Secrets

Saison 2, Episode 13

ilfred and Ryan are confronted by shocking existential questions about life and love.

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("Wilfred" Courage)

Saison 4, Episode 8

ilfred convinces Ryan to withhold sensitive information from Jenna.

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"Wilfred" Honesty

Saison 2, Episode 10

yan and Wilfred go to extraordinary lengths to help Jenna's career.

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"Wilfred" Fear

Saison 1, Episode 3

ilfred is determined to provoke gentle Ryan, whom he considers more wimp the man, into becoming as competitive as an alpha dog who brutally rapes vanquished rivals. Ryan declines attacking the motorcycle thug who bullies the Patels, only agrees to smoking stolen weed and prefers avoiding beatings by talking his way out. When Spencer finds Ryan's wallet, which Wilfred left behind while stealing weed, arrives curiously, Ryan convince him they were both victims, but finds himself the pushy lunatic's new best friend. Dog catcher Jesse refuses to be bribed into liberating Wilfred when he notices Ryan befriended his arch enemy Spencer, but Ryan handles even that in the end.

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"Wilfred" Trust

Saison 1, Episode 2

yan enjoyed winning Wilfred's trust, but is forced to break it to trick him to the vet for dental care. The dog shamelessly milks Ryan's guilt to get away with major mischief on the beach. Wilfred still takes cruel revenge by tricking Ryan into thinking Jenna is probably a transsexual, while in fact her hunky boy-friend Drew is sleeping over.

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"Wilfred" Questions

Saison 2, Episode 11

yan looks inward to discover the truth about Wilfred.

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"Wilfred" Happiness

Saison 1, Episode 1

oung lawyer Ryan Newman is unemployed, feels a sissy failure, had diabetes and his medication contributes to suicidal tendencies. While waiting for a menial job his bossy sister Kristen is arranging at the hospital where she works, Ryan agrees to mind new neighbor Jenna Mueller's beloved dog Wilfred, only the canine talks to him, even appears like a costumed human. Ryan feels better having someone to mind and even with rude criticism mixed into primordial suggestions to get a life.

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"Wilfred" Resistance

Saison 4, Episode 9

yan fears a future without Wilfred, as his battle with cancer becomes more severe. Drew returns from Wisconsin.

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Les gens voient Wilfred comme un chien. Ryan voit Wilfred comme un homme déguisé en chien. Wilfred est l'alter-ego de Ryan. Il lui permet de sortir de sa coquille, lui qui est si peu sûr de lui et si introverti...
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