Les meilleurs épisodes de la série Last Man Standing

Liste des 10 épisodes les mieux notés de la série Last Man Standing parmis les 42 répertoriés sur notre site, ordre basé sur la moyenne des notes IMDB et TMDB

"Last Man Standing" Animal Wrongs

Saison 1, Episode 20

andy's new boyfriend is an animal rights activist. Mike does not like him because he is against all that Mike believes. Ed and Kyle start a disagreement when they learn their ancestors used to be on competing families.

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"Last Man Standing" The Passion of the Mandy

Saison 1, Episode 11

ike, amazed that Mandy might finally have found a passion for something, takes her under his wing at work when she offers to start an Internet campaign to keep Ed's favorite barber shop hangout from closing. Also, an exhausted Vanessa insists that she can still take care of the household despite her hectic work schedule, until she falls asleep during her own business presentation.

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"Last Man Standing" This Bud's for You

Saison 1, Episode 22

ike's father Bud moves into town and begins working on a new Outdoor Man store. His girlfriend moves in with him. Mike is upset at his father living with a woman.

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"Last Man Standing" House Rules

Saison 1, Episode 8

fter an innocent date with Kristin, Kyle accidentally falls asleep in her bedroom. When Mike discovers this, his instinct is to take action. He establishes a new and more hard-lined set of house rules that end up causing more friction than harmony between him and his three daughters.

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"Last Man Standing" The Spotlight

Saison 1, Episode 23

anessa has been volunteering a lot and gets a recognition plaque. Mike steals the spotlight and upsets Vanessa.

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"Last Man Standing" Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Saison 1, Episode 9

new couple moves in the neighborhood and Vanessa invites them to dinner. Mike finds out they are lesbians and is initially put off. Then he hits it off as a pal to one of them, but accidentally insults her. The girls make a revenge video.

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"Last Man Standing" Driving Lessons

Saison 3, Episode 2

lthough Mike is having a great time teaching Eve how to drive, he thinks Vanessa should take over so she can have a chance to bond with her daughter.

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"Last Man Standing" Ryan vs. John Baker

Saison 3, Episode 4

risten is doing well at her job at the restaurant which is owned by Jon (JTT). Jon kisses her. Ryan is still on strike from his job, and Kristen compares the two men. Eve and Mike continue their surprise attack practice with each other.

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"Last Man Standing" Last Christmas Standing

Saison 1, Episode 10

ike's Christmas spirit gets dampened when Ryan (Nick Jonas), the father of Kristen's baby, unexpectedly comes back to town after a long absence. Kristin's boyfriend, Kyle, also doesn't know what to make of Ryan's return. Meanwhile, Ed hires Mandy as an elf at Outdoor Man, where she tries to unionize the other elves to get better perks.

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"Last Man Standing" Ding Dong Ditch

Saison 1, Episode 19

he Baxters are constantly awakened by an early morning prankster who rings their doorbell and then runs away. When Mike catches the teen-aged boy, the kid injures himself and now his litigious father expects Mike to pay the doctor bill. Also, single working mom Kristin starts college.

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Last Man Standing

Mike Baxter est un heureux père de famille et un directeur marketing dans un magasin de sport à Denver, dans le Colorado. C'est également un homme vivant dans un monde dominé par les femmes en particulier dans sa maison avec sa femme et ses trois filles, dont l'une est une mère célibataire.
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