Les meilleurs épisodes de la série Veronica Mars

Liste des 10 épisodes les mieux notés de la série Veronica Mars parmis les 64 répertoriés sur notre site, ordre basé sur la moyenne des notes IMDB et TMDB

"Veronica Mars" Mars, Bars

Saison 3, Episode 14

eronica is let out of jail, while Mac, Parker, Logan, and Bronson go on Valentine's Day Savenger Hunt. Josh decides to flee the country after learning the truth about his dad and Lamb goes after Steve at Mindy's house.

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"Veronica Mars" I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

Saison 3, Episode 18

eronica is officially a private investigator - Veronica passes her exam to be an official Private Investigator, while Piz lands an interview with Apollo Bukenya, an African student at Hearst who wrote a book about his years as an orphan child-soldier in Uganda's rebel army. Veronica is hired by an African man, Kizza, to help prove that he is Apollo's father, but her investigation leads to information that might expose Apollo's story as a fake. Meanwhile, as the election for Sheriff nears, Keith is faced with a crime spree in Neptune. Parker comes to Veronica for advice about Logan after learning he planned to spend the summer surfing with Dick.

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"Veronica Mars" Debasement Tapes

Saison 3, Episode 17

ashed-up rock star Desmond Fellows arrives at Hearst to play a charity concert for the campus radio station to find that his backing tapes have disappeared. With his job and the survival of the radio station at stake, Piz calls Veronica despite their recent post-kiss awkwardness. Piz and Veronica are tasked with tracking down the tapes and babysitting a drunk, irresponsible, and depressed Desmond Fellows. Meanwhile, a new and surprising contender emerges to challenge Keith in the race for Sheriff.

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"Veronica Mars" Spit & Eggs

Saison 3, Episode 9

ean O'Dell reinstates the Greek system on campus and, determined to solve the campus rape case, Veronica, along with Mac, Wallace and Piz, attends a party armed with coasters designed to test for drugs in the drinks of her peers. Meanwhile, Dean O'Dell hires Keith to investigate whether or not his wife is cheating on him.

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"Veronica Mars" Not Pictured

Saison 2, Episode 22

he second season ends as Veronica, on her graduation day, learns who is responsible for the bus crash. After uncovering the culprit, her life is endangered as she tries to warn those closest to the killer. Also, Wallace learns some surprising information about Jackie, Keith enlists Veronica's help in his ongoing investigation of Woody, and the seniors celebrate their graduation with a lavish party at the Neptune Grand.

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"Veronica Mars" Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

Saison 3, Episode 19

eronica's sex tape makes it to the internet - Weevil is arrested for selling fake debit cards to Hearst students, but claims he is being framed because of his criminal background, and asks Veronica to clear his name. On Piz's radio show, Keith debates Vinnie about the upcoming election, while a tipsy Dick apologizes to Mac for the way he has treated her in the past. Veronica and Piz make up after their argument about spending their summer apart, and a mysterious sex tape of the two finds its way to the internet.

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"Veronica Mars" Versatile Toppings

Saison 2, Episode 14

eptune High's closeted gay teens turn to Veronica for help when a blackmailer cracks into a private Internet bulletin board and threatens to publicly out everyone associated with the site unless they pay $5,000 apiece. Meanwhile, Keith continues to work on a case for Terrance Cook while looking into bus crash leads. Also, Logan romantically pursues Hannah, much to her father's distress.

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"Veronica Mars" Leave It to Beaver

Saison 1, Episode 22

n the shocking, action-packed first season finale, a determined Veronica must betray someone she cares deeply about in order to solve the mystery of who murdered her best friend Lilly, but what she discovers puts her life in serious danger. Meanwhile, Jake Kane asks Duncan if he really wants to know what happened on the night Lilly died, and Keith awaits the results of a paternity test.

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"Veronica Mars" Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

Saison 2, Episode 13

eronica loses all $12,000 for her class's senior trip when a cash box in her possession is stolen at the school carnival. As accusations fly, Veronica, rather surprisingly, finds herself defending Jackie. Meanwhile, Beaver stands up to Dick, and Logan meets a bright girl named Hannah.

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"Veronica Mars" The Bitch Is Back

Saison 3, Episode 20

eronica discovers the origin of her sex tape - Furious that Logan attacked Piz, Veronica tells Logan she wants nothing to do with him. Parker confronts Logan about still having feelings for Veronica, while Piz assures Veronica that he had nothing to do with the sex tape. Veronica, with Weevil's help, investigates how the tape originated and discovers a person from her past is linked to The Castle and pays them a visit. With the re-election campaign nearing, Keith steps in to protect Veronica.

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Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars semble être au premier abord une adolescente ordinaire. En fait, futée et courageuse, la jeune fille s'emploie à résoudre les mystères les plus enfouis que cache la petite communauté de Neptune. Et par la même occasion, elle espère élucider le scandale qui a ruiné la vie de son père...
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