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Psych Crimes and Crises investigates the shooting death of Herman Strunk, the property manager of a group of tenements, whose residents are comprised primarily of those on welfare: drug addicts, the mentally ill and the down and out. He is generally disliked by the tenants, as he collected their welfare checks for rent before doling out the remainder - minus a kickback on occasion - back to the check addressee. A symbol - a stylized cross - was inked onto his abdomen post-mortem. Among the tenants is Mark Tisdale, who is not in medical care but knows that if he was would be diagnosed as schizophrenic. Clara learns that he hears voices telling him to do things, some of those voices which are chronically in his head and some which he hears only once or once in a while. He is in possession of the murder weapon, which he states is not his, which he did not use and which he was about to turn in. It was one of his voices which told him where he could find it. Beyond the gun, Mark seems to know a lot about the murder, that voice he states which is telling him that more deaths are about to happen that will make history. But the unit knows he could not have committed this killing as he has an airtight alibi. Clara wants to conduct a mental health assessment on him before making a determination. She uses new computer technology employing avatars to place faces and names to his voices so that he can control what he hears. But it is those that he can't control that may provide the biggest clue to why Mark knows so much about the murder, who committed it, and what may about to happen with regard to the further deaths. Meanwhile, Fenton heads to Ottawa for a job interview, the outcome which may place a hurdle in her and Aidan's relationship.

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