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The Price
44 min


The first case in which Clara participates as an official a member of Psych Crimes and Crises is a shooting at a nightclub, where the band playing was targeted. The reason the unit is involved is that they need to deal with the primary witness, Annika Marné, related to one of the critically wounded band members, as she is distraught over the situation and she suffers from an unknown anxiety disorder. They learn that she also suffers from agoraphobia - the symptoms exacerbated by being out at the nightclub. She is a former model, who dropped out of the business years ago, from what they learn was substance abuse issues. Since, she has led a reclusive life with no income, the only material possession of worth she currently owning being her lavish house. By reviewing surveillance footage, Aidan and Clara find that Annika looked directly at the shooter as the event unfolded, which may place her own life in danger if the shooter knows. But she claims that she didn't see the shooter. Aidan and Clara have differing opinions on whether Annika is telling the truth on this matter, and if not what she is hiding to protect the shooter. One suspect they have to locate is the band's regular drummer, Derek Tilson, who conveniently bypassed this gig which, if he had attended would have gotten him killed.

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