Sous-titres Star Trek Voyager, Saison 3 - Episode 23

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Distant Origin
45 min


A Voth scientist finds the remains of a Voyager crewman who died on the planet where the crew was exiled by the Kazon during the two-part episode "Basics". An analysis of the remains' DNA shows links to his own DNA. While tracking and studying the Voyager crew, the scientist and his aide are discovered; they eventually pool their knowledge and conclude that the saurian is an evolved dinosaur from a species that left Earth more than 65 million years earlier. The scientist is thrilled to be able to prove his Distant Origin theory (that his Voth race originated elsewhere in the galaxy), but the rulers of his society place him on trial for heresy against the doctrinal teachings of their heritage, the central tenet being that they originated in the Delta Quadrant. The outcome of that trial threatens the Voyager crew as well.

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