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Heroic Duo
Hong Kong
Cantonese, English, Mandarin
100 min
1 win & 3 nominations.


Ken Lee dated girlfriend Brenda but the love isn't strong enough. Jack Lai married Mandy (Chui Jing Lui), police friend (Wong Tak Ban) killed by Jack's boss. Jack was a professor of a University, but his busy work makes Jack to neglect Mandy. One day, Jack's friend came to his home and wish to rape Mandy, Mandy killed him. Jack returned to home, Mandy cried why can't he always appear to herself when she need him. Jack admitted that the man was killed by him so that Mandy became innocent. But Jack's boss caught Mandy. Grace, widow of Jack's police friend, with her two children, were locked with Mandy. Jack taught the criminals with psychology in his jailed period. One day, Ken visited the criminals and met Jack. Jack told Ken to treasure his lover. Jack drew a picture to Ken, which was sunset and sea, but it was drew specially in SOS sign. Ken didn't understand Jack when he got Jack's picture. Jack told Ken about his own boss who capture Mandy from him, and Ken brought his crew members, include his girl Brenda, to catch Jack's boss. But failed. Ken was ordered to protect a foreign jewel merchant, with the police's G-4, to the jewel exhibition scene. Ken ask Brenda to look after Jack to avoid Jack to steal Jewel. Jack told Ken to take care to Brenda, to show her that he really loves her. Because of this, Brenda helped Jack to make him steal the jewels. Ken had even failed to protect the foreign merchant because he was shot and die. Jack could meet Mandy, found her eyes blind due to crying for him. Mandy also told Jack that Grace was with her, and she was fine too. Ken decided to find the picture Jack drew last time, and found his drawn SOS sign. Ken decided to help Jack. Jack's boss asked Jack, Mandy and Grace's kids (with Grace) to dine, and killed Grace in front of Mandy, Jack decided to help his boss to steal the jewel. Jack's boss locked Mandy and the 2 kids inside a vacuum room, which only has 1-hour oxygen for 3 of them to breath. Jack sneaked inside, and met Ken. Ken helped Jack to "die" in the event, so that Jack's boss cried onto Jack's body. Ken and Brenda drove Jack to his boss's area, trying to rescue Mandy. Jack's boss got someone else to catch Brenda. Jack's boss found Jack saving Mandy, and shot Jack. The 3rd bullet reaches Jack's heart. Ken and Brenda also got shot but both were still safe. Ken help Jack to push Jack's extinguisher towards Jack's boss, made him burnt. Ken and Brenda carried Jack into the 2nd vacuum room until the explosion made Mandy's door unlocked. Jack came out first, with lots of blood, run to Mandy. Jack call Mandy but she didn't wake up. Jack finally fell down and die. Mandy woke up but saw Jack die, she cried. Ken and Brenda came and saw Jack dead. Some years later, Brenda phone Mandy, knew that she is alright and bring the two kids to Shanghai to settle. Mandy's eyes recovered. Brenda and Ken felt happy by being together.

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