Sous-titres 2008 - 우리에게 내일은 없다 (Woo-ri-e-ge nae-il-eun up-da)

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Boys of Tomorrow
South Korea
93 min
2 wins & 2 nominations.


Earning a living as a driver for rent, Kisu lives in a studio flat in the basement floor. When he feels choked up, he tries not to let go of hope by playing on the drums. Out of guilt that he might have made Jongdae sexually handicapped during their younger days, Kisu took on a role as Jongdae's guardian on top of being his friend. Jongdae's dream is to keep a revolver that can make him stronger than the small-time gangsters around town. One day Kisu's older brother shows up and leave behind his son Yohan to Kisu's care.

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Boys of