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Because he may make a sizable donation to the hospital, Carolyn reluctantly agrees to meet with tech mogul and eccentric billionaire Ivan Turing. Upon learning directly from Ivan that he has terminal cancer, she is surprised that he did not want to meet with her to "jump the medical queue", but rather to ask her to head a project on finding definitive evidence - proof - of what happens to a person after death, something that will happen to him soon. This project is something way off of Carolyn's radar as legitimate science. Her hard science perspective is however one of the key reasons why he chose her. His offer of control of his entire $10 billion estate, which she could funnel into Medics International, after his death is not enough to convince her. Possibly finding out what has happened to Will is not enough to convince her. Her own recent near death experience in Japan while working for Medics International following the tsunami is not enough to convince her. But something that Sophie is going through and the experience of one of her own patients in combination with these other factors are enough for her at least to look into one of the many cases on which Ivan has files, namely a young girl named Lilly Seavers who allegedly passed over to the other side briefly. She has drawn some pictures of people she met on the other side, family members she would never have met or known of in the living world. It is one person who has not been identified from Lilly's drawings that may pique some interest in Carolyn. Not wanting to divulge the nature of Ivan's offer to Charles or her family, Carolyn decides to enlist the help of young intern, Dr. Zedan Badawai, with who she has developed a "tell it like it is" rapport. What Carolyn decides to do concerning Ivan's offer may also depend on her encounter with Peter Van Owen, a medium who she knows she will encounter again and again if she does accept Ivan's offer, and the issue that some may choose death over life if they know what is on the other side.

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