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Episode #1.5


Hit by the scandal the hotel loses many of its residents and the band is forced to split up. Stanley and Sarah hide Louis in a house belonging to Stanley's assistant Eric whilst Stanley retrieves his passport from the hotel. He asks Lady Cremone to help but she has no desire to involve herself. However,when she learns that Masterson is offering a huge reward for Stanley's capture she wonders if he is covering for Julian,whom he describes as being like a son to him and who is accompanying him to America. Despite Louis's suspicions of her Pamela chooses to help and ,with Eric and Stanley,they hide out at the jazz club. They are joined by the reformed band. Meanwhile Julian,terrified of leaving London and his sister,hides out with Donaldson who delivers him to Masterson. The three men go to a restaurant where Julian kills himself. Pamela and Stanley join the band and they board a train for a supposed engagement in France,dodging police and immigration officials. Julian's suicide clears Louis who later phones Stanley,now dating Pamela, telling him he has put together a new band in France.

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