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Natasha Charles
44 min


Natasha Charles is an unusual patient- her whole body is attractive, but since birth her eyes are blind, covered with a 'scary' white-blue membrane, as Christian puts it when she asks him to make her attractive to him, so the doctors operate to implant artificial eyes from an expert. Afterward Christian follows her when he hears she has an Internet date, finds out that's a blind man who still asks him whether she's attractive and even dumps her when he lies she's much older; so he's happy to fill in and enjoys sex with a woman who can't be after his gorgeous body. Meanwhile Sean remains merciless on Julia, who has her breasts enlarged by a female surgeon and gets unwanted visitors- lice on Annie's head from some classmate and her own mother Erica, who tries in vain to make Sean and Christian do an intervention with Julia and rushes off again to another lecture; when Sean is unmoved by her improved balcony she overdoes her painkillers and has a bad fall trough a glass wall...

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