Sous-titres 2011 - Paranormal Xperience (Paranormal Xperience 3D)

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Paranormal Xperience 3D
86 min


Angela is a psychiatry student who doesn't believe in the existence of paranormal world. The harshest and eccentric professor of the faculty, propose to Angela and other students show and refute the existence of the afterlife investigating a miner town with a secret story. Angela and four of her classmates go to 'Susurro' ('Whisper'), with Diana's company, Angela's small sister, who let them her van. Their relationship has been cold since their childhood, when tragic events divide them inevitably. Together cover the town and the old salt mines. Ignoring warnings, they open a door to the afterlife, with unpredictable consequences. "In XP3D we will take the audience to horrific places, we will put them physically there and we won't let them escape. We will follow the main characters into long and sinister basements where 3D will transport them to their worst nightmares" (Sergi Vizcaíno)

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