very year the most beautiful girl will be sacrificed to the Python God. But what really happens is that all the priests rape her, and then murder her, so that she cannot tell that the python god does not exist. When a girl named Sia is the next to be sacrificed, she hides in the house of the village idiot, a man who goes around shouting hyper-aggressive criticisms against everything. Sia is found by the soldiers and the village idiot is murdered. But the army commander had for some time prepared a revolt against the emperor. Now he murders the emperor and all the priests, thereby saving Sia from being raped. His plan is to make Sia's boyfriend the new emperor, an appointment to be justified by the lie that that boy had murdered the python god. At the same time Sia should be empress. However, Sia refuses to lie about what happened. Therefore she is declared a lunatic. In turn she develops exactly the same kind of behaviour as the village idiot had shown.

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