his film deals with a little-known period in the life of celebrated Brazilian filmmaker and political activist Glauber Rocha. Rocha's years of exile in Cuba (1971-72), coincided with a period of great cultural ferment and debate about the roles of the arts in the social and political revolutions of Latin America and the Third World. Using previously unseen video footage, the film shows Rocha all jerky and with florid rhetoric urging his Cuban comrades to embrace the new political and cultural challenges of the age; outlining his vision of a unified Third World; and expounding on the differences and peculiarities of Latin Americans and the means by which their revolutionary aims might be achieved. A document about a unique political and artistic moment, the film traces the links between the two most important Latin American filmmaking movements of the late '60s the Brazilian Cinema Nôvo and the Cuban Cine Revolucionario.

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