or moral support, Louise asks Samantha to accompany her to her first check-up with the obstetrician following news that she's pregnant. Louise is worried that Larry won't take the news well as he's always balked at the notion of having children. From a distance, Larry sees Samantha and Louise entering the obstetrician's office, and based on a bit of their conversation which he overhears, he makes the assumption that Samantha is the one who's pregnant. Larry can't help but tell Darrin what he saw and what he believes. Beyond the possibility that they will have a brood full of mischievous witches and warlocks as children, Darrin is nervous but excited at the prospect of becoming a father. Meanwhile, Louise and Samantha devise a small dinner party for four at the Stephens' household so that again Samantha can provide moral support, this time when Louise actually tells Larry the news. At dinner, Larry and Darrin's assumption that Samantha is pregnant causes a bit of confusion. The questions become whether it will take the men nine months to figure out that it's Louise who's having the baby, and how Larry and Darrin will feel about becoming a father and not becoming a father respectively.

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