amantha's Aunt Clara, whose ability to perform witchcraft has seen better days, takes Samantha up on her offer to "come by anytime for an extended visit" and plans to stay for the weekend. It may or may not be good timing as Darrin's parents, Frank and Phyllis Stephens, are also coming by to stay for the weekend, they who Samantha has not yet met. As Samantha is nervous about that first meeting if only because she doesn't consider herself a seasoned housewife probably up to the standards of Mrs. Stephens Sr., Samantha is glad for Aunt Clara's arrival if only to have some moral support from one of her relatives. Aunt Clara can't help but provide more than moral support, that help in the form of witchcraft to make Samantha the perfect housewife. And Aunt Clara sees nothing wrong in being up front with the Stephenses that she and Samantha are witches. The question becomes how Darrin's parents will react to Aunt Clara's doings and in turn to their new daughter-in-law.

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