arrin is bedridden after he sprains his ankle while taking a tumble down the stairs. A wary but loving Samantha ends up being at his beck and call. Darrin realizes that he is running her ragged. Samantha comes up with an idea that allows her to continue to do her chores while Darrin gets whatever he needs from the house: put a spell on the house that makes it cooperate with Darrin while he's recuperating. Darrin agrees with the idea. Endora thinks that Samantha has opened up a can of worms that she won't be able to close as she believes Darrin, who has now had a taste of the easy life through witchcraft, won't want to ever give it up. Endora is correct in that seeing what witchcraft can do makes Darrin want to live the easy life, that is unless Samantha can convince him that there can be too much of a good thing.

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