amantha and Darrin are about to celebrate their seven month anniversary, which Endora believes will be the equivalent for Darrin of the seven year itch. If not now, Endora believes Darrin will eventually stray. Samantha and Darrin's anniversary plans are put on hold as Darrin has a last minute out-of-town business meeting with the elegantly seductive Margaret Marshall, who usually gets what she wants. To secure her $1 million account, Larry encourages Darrin not to tell her that he's married. In turn, Darrin tells Samantha that it is just a business meeting. That meeting however ends up being both business and pleasure at least from Margaret's perspective. Despite Samantha vowing that she trusts him and that she will not intrude on the business meeting, Darrin is convinced that a Siamese cat that shows up out of nowhere is really Samantha. Trying to balance Margaret's advances against the watchful eye of the Siamese cat ends up possibly ruining Darrin's chances of getting the account, as well as ruining his marriage if the cat is indeed Samantha.

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