espite it being a stretch on his and Samantha's finances, Darrin finds a house for them to purchase, which irks Endora, who doesn't understand why Samantha would agree to such Earthly confines. Regardless, on Samantha's urging, Endora accompanies her to view the house, which is unfurnished, and as it is newly built, the property is not landscaped. Endora sees the situation as being drab, while Samantha sees it as a blank canvass upon which she and Darrin, using their hard earned mortal cash, can buy the necessary furniture and seeds/plants to make the house their home. But that doesn't stop both Samantha and Endora using a little witchcraft to experiment with both exterior and interior design options. Their witchcraft causes a bit of an issue with Samantha and Darrin's potential neighbor, the busybody Gladys Kravitz, who sees a landscaped yard and furnished interior, and then not.

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