fter Darrin forbids Samantha to attend her cousin Mario's wedding in Egypt (which would require her to use witchcraft to go), Samantha, who wanted to go, especially as she was asked to be matron of honor, is not angry but rather understanding of Darrin's position. Endora, on the other hand, is livid, she who states that Darrin is in "big trouble". So when Darrin gets a new assistant named Gideon Whitsett, Darrin is convinced Gideon is a warlock enlisted by Endora as a series of events makes Darrin look bumbling and stupid in front of a new client, and in turn makes Gideon look fantastic. This stance of Darrin's does make Samantha angry as she doesn't want Darrin to blame witchcraft for every bad thing that may happen in his life. So Samantha goes on a mission to peel the outer cordial and friendly layers of Gideon Whitsett to see who really lies deep in his core.

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