arrin is having problems pleasing his client in finding an appropriately exotic Asian model for Jewel of the East. The most exotic thing Samantha has seen of late is a Siamese cat wandering around the neighborhood. As time is running out on completing the campaign, Samantha decides to help Darrin out by turning that Siamese cat into a beautiful woman named Ling-Ling. Ling-Ling ends up fitting the bill perfectly, although Darrin doesn't know of her feline heritage. But the appearance of Ling-Ling, who knows she's a cat and brings those cat sensibilities to her human life, has unintended consequences, most specifically that the agency's up and coming photographer, Wally, starts to fall in love with her. Ling-Ling, in turn, likes the attention she is receiving from Wally as opposed the the life of the scrounge she faced as a cat. Samantha has to figure out how to tell Darrin the truth about Ling-Ling while she and Darrin try to persuade Wally that Ling-Ling is not the right woman for him without breaking his heart.

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