hen Samantha and Endora go shopping together, Samantha gets torn in two different directions as there aren't enough hours in the day for her to run all her errands. Endora volunteers to take one of those tasks - a dress fitting - and as such, she needs to be a replica of Samantha. As Samantha, Endora meets a visiting author named Bob Frazer, who immediately falls for Endora, who in turn decides to cavort with him as Samantha. Complications ensue when Samantha finds out the hard way what Endora has been doing when she herself meets Bob, he assuming that she is the woman he is slowly falling in love with. There are further complications when it turns out that Bob is an old friend of Darrin's. Samantha and Endora have to figure out a way to tell both Darrin and Bob what's going on without Bob suspecting that any witchcraft has been involved, and to get Endora as Samantha to break up with Bob and mean it.

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