ex Barker, a maker of baby food, is a potential client for the ad agency. Larry Tate and Darrin Stephens hope to win him over at the Stephens' dinner party, but Mr. Barker is interested only in Darrin's wife, Samantha, who does her best to resist his advances. Unfortunately, Barker manages to get her alone out in the gazebo and corners her. Sam is forced to take drastic action: she turns Mr. Barker into a small dog. When the dinner party is over, Darrin is furious to learn that the pesky pooch that has suddenly shown up out of nowhere is the baby food man with the half-million dollar account. He refuses to believe Sam's explanation about what happened and demands that she change him back. Sam angrily refuses and throws Darrin out of the bedroom. Samantha's mother, Endora, could not be more pleased and hopes this marital spat spells doom for her daughter's marriage with a mortal.

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