arrin and Samantha are planning one of their romantic evenings, checking into a hotel in town. The one difference this time is that Samantha plans on surprising Darrin by becoming a brunette, if only temporarily by wearing a wig. Darrin doesn't want anyone to know why he's staying in town after work. Complications ensue when Larry secretly spots Darrin in the hotel with this unknown brunette, and later drops in at Darrin's house where he sees a blonde Samantha, who just popped home to pick up something for Darrin. Darrin and Samantha have to come up with a plausible explanation for Larry, and eventually Louise, who also finds out about the liaison with the unknown brunette. But the situation becomes even more complicated when Larry believes he's discovered the identity of the brunette. Meanwhile, Gladys uses Samantha's play-book to inject a little romance back into her and Abner's marriage.

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