amantha and Darrin's champagne-filled romantic evening is disrupted by the knock on their door by Abner, who just had an argument with Gladys. As Abner implies he has no other place to go, Samantha and Darrin welcome him in for the night. Upon further investigation, Samantha and Darrin find out that both Abner and Gladys see this fight as a potentially marriage ending one. But they also find out that Gladys will do anything to get Abner back except ask him directly, while Abner, putting up a more stubborn façade, will just stay with them until he has a reason to leave. As Darrin feels Abner is intruding on their lives, he allows Samantha to use witchcraft to repair the Kravitz's marriage. What Samantha feels will do the trick is a little concurrent dream therapy.

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