ased on Darrin's want for her to get more involved in community affairs, Samantha volunteers to work on the election campaign of Ed Wright, who is running for Morning Glory Circle councilor against long time incumbent John C. Cavanaugh. Initially, Darrin doesn't like the intrusion her community involvement takes on their life, until he hears Wright's platform, after which Darrin too gets involved and becomes Wright's campaign manager. Wright wants to expose Cavanaugh's immoral and illegal dealings in past capital works projects, where he has contracted the work in part or in whole to his own companies, while the projects themselves have ultimately failed because of that work. Wright believes the current water works project will be the same and calls Cavanaugh out on it, and requests the Governor to investigate. Cavanaugh in turn refuses to debate the issue, that is until he cleans up the portfolio. So when Cavanaugh is eventually cleared of any wrong-doing in the water works project and is even commended for that work through the Governor's investigation, Darrin feels his own reputation is in jeopardy by Wright misrepresenting the situation. Samantha, with Endora by her side, goes on a mission to find out if there indeed has been graft on Cavanaugh's part in those past projects and if so how to expose those issues. Endora decides to take matters into her own hands to help her daughter.

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