amantha and Endora believe the food they eat at Mario's, a small, independent Italian restaurant, is the best Italian food they've ever ate... at least in this century. But Mario's, which is a one man operation, risks folding due to lack of business since most people now equate Italian food with pizza and pizza joints. Samantha believes all Mario needs is a little advertising. So Samantha, using witchcraft, decides to provide some advertising for Mario's in the form of a full page newspaper ad. The problem is is that Darrin's new client, Linton H. Baldwin, the the owner and chair of Perfect Pizza, a pizza chain looking to expand its market. When Darrin finds out what Samantha did, he can forgive her this one indiscretion. However, Baldwin may not be able to overlook the much better advertising campaign being conducted for Mario's than Darrin is doing for him. Samantha has to figure out a way to help Mario yet save Darrin's career by Baldwin keeping his account at McMann & Tate.

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