amantha receives a visit from her Cousin Edgar, a shy elf who doesn't speak and only appears in body once he feels comfortable with the situation. Samantha is happy to see Cousin Edgar as he has always been her protector, he who only shows up when she needs that protection. Samantha is excited for Cousin Edgar to meet Darrin. What Samantha is initially unaware of is that Cousin Edgar has come this time to protect Samantha against Darrin, as Cousin Edgar feels their marriage isn't the right thing for Samantha. So Cousin Edgar goes on a campaign to make Darrin's life a living hell. It's not good timing for Darrin as he is already frustrated in not being able to come up with a good idea to nab the lucrative Shelley Shoes account, McMann & Tate being up against a confident competitor. So if Cousin Edgar makes Darrin look foolish in front of Shelley, they are certain to lose the account. Samantha either has to neutralize Cousin Edgar's campaign against Darrin, or convince Cousin Edgar that Darrin is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

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