amantha receives a visit from the Morning Glory Circle Welcome Committee, which is comprised of Gladys Kravitz, June Foster and Shirley Clyde. While a scared Mrs. Kravitz is most concerned about finding out the reason behind all the seemingly unexplainable events happening at the Stephens household, including who the mysterious big haired woman is, nosy Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Clyde seem most interested in being slightly condescending to Samantha regarding her and Darrin's tenuous financial situation and Samantha's sense of decorating. Seeing what she considers as this deplorable attitude by Samantha's new neighbors, Endora believes all mortals are the same. Wanting to prove that Darrin is not like these other mortals, Samantha suggests having Endora over for dinner so that she and Darrin can finally meet. Although Darrin is a bit worried about meeting another witch, let alone his new mother-in-law, his and Endora's first meeting starts out cordial enough. But their differences regarding how Samantha should live her life soon emerge, which begins the stormy and antagonistic relationship between Endora and What's-His-Name.

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