arrin is having a mental block coming up with a campaign for one of his oldest and most lucrative clients, Caldwell Soups. He needs to come up with something that will impress Mr. Caldwell, since the soup business is a highly competitive one, and Caldwell has been losing market share. Darrin's ideas he believes are almost what he wants, but he realizes something is missing with each creative. When Samantha looks at his ideas, she has a brilliant fix for each. Darrin is initially grateful for her help, until he comes to the belief that her ideas were all a result of witchcraft. Despite her assertion that her ideas were all out of her own imagination and not witchcraft, Darrin doesn't believe her and refuses to use any of her ideas. But if he doesn't, he risks losing the account. But worse, he risks losing Samantha for not believing her. But one thing may show Darrin for certain if Samantha is telling the truth about those creative ideas.

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