t's the Halloween season. Samantha is visited by her fellow witches, Bertha, Mary and her aged Aunt Clara - the latter whose adeptness at witchcraft has seen better days - who want to address the issue of the North American stereotype of witches being ugly old hags, especially prevalent during Halloween, head on. They want Samantha's advice about what they can or should do to promote that witches are beautiful and lovely people. Samantha believes that Darrin is the perfect person to help them, as he is in advertising, and he knows that that stereotype is false. What Samantha is initially unaware of is that Darrin has been asked by one of his clients, Mr. Brinkman, to perpetuate that stereotype in a new advertising campaign. When Darrin learns of Samantha's opposition to him helping Mr. Brinkman perpetuate that stereotype, Darrin has to decide if the wants of his client or loyalty to his wife on this issue is more important. Samantha and her fellow witches may also take the matter of Mr. Brinkman into their own hands.

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