arry is off on an extended business trip, on which Louise will accompany him. In the meantime, Darrin is stuck at the office covering off Larry's work in addition to doing his own. Samantha, who is lonely while Darrin is working these extended hours, accepts Endora's offer for some company by going to lunch... in Paris. What Samantha is unaware of is that Larry's business trip is to Paris, where she and Endora run into the Tates. Although Samantha did not tell Darrin of this Paris trip with Endora, Larry gets word back to Darrin that he and Louise ran into Samantha and Endora. This trip eventually opens up a discussion between Samantha and Darrin about Samantha's use of witchcraft, and perhaps that Darrin is stifling who Samantha really is by making her live as a mortal.

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