fter Samantha mentions that she has never seen photographs of Darrin as a child, Endora decides to give Samantha a first hand look by changing Darrin into his ten year old self. Darrin doesn't take too kindly to Endora and Samantha once again using him as their experimental toy. Darrin makes a disparaging remark about Endora, so as retribution, Endora changes Darrin back into that boy just before a meeting with a client, Mr. Harding. But Darrin as a child may have its benefits as Harding believes the young boy is a publicity stunt orchestrated by Darrin to convince him on whatever campaign to sell his children's toys. So Harding wants Larry and Darrin to set up a meeting with the boy and Darrin together. Beyond the impossibility of having Darrin and his younger self in the room at the same time, Darrin still has to come up with an idea for the campaign. But as a child, Darrin may have easier access to some important market research.

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