ndora wants Samantha, and by association Darrin, to attend a family wedding. Samantha would love to go, but believes that Larry won't give Darrin the necessary two days off, especially as Darrin is having problems coming up with a campaign for a new client. Endora counters that by turning Larry into an inanimate object, such as a teddy bear, for those two days, Larry won't even have known that Darrin was gone. Endora does decide to take matters into her own hands by asking Larry directly, he who gladly will give Darrin the time off. As a thank you, Endora, through witchcraft, produces a gift for Larry of something he is having problems finding: a replacement teddy bear for his son. When the teddy bear arrives at the office and when he learns that it is from Endora, Darrin believes Endora went through with her threat to turn Larry into a teddy bear. Problems ensue for Darrin as his colleagues and clients wonder why he is so attached to the teddy bear and why he is treating it like a human being. Things get worse for Darrin when the teddy bear goes missing.

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